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Games2U Product Details

Games2U offers equipment and products not available anywhere else on the planet! One of our core principals is “innovate to dominate,” and our R&D department is always working overtime. Check back often to see what we'll dream up next!

4D Movie/Ride Experience

Talk about never seen before... Our Mobile 4-D Theaters (patent pending) bring purely mind-blowing, Disney-style, over-the-top entertainment to your doorstep. Our roller coaster type seating accommodates 6 at a time for amazing 3-5 minute experiences. Step inside and prepare for extreme 4D fun. Put on the electronic glasses and feel the seat move and enjoy the wind, water, and tickler effects. Whether you’re rocking down a haunted mine shaft at lightning speed or exploring a new world with creatures and aliens popping out of the screen, you’ll experience an entertainment sensation like no other. Prepare to give your customers the ride of their lives with the Games2U 4D Theater!

Video Game Theater

Our state of the art game theaters feature laser lights and fog machines, flat screen TV's, surround sound, Xbox, Wii, and PS3, and offer an exciting place for gamers to play all the hottest games like Guitar Hero, Madden Football, Halo, Call of Duty, Wii Sports, and more. As many as 16 players can play inside our climate-controlled game theaters and, weather permitting, 8 can play on the outdoor screens.

Laser Tag Equipment

One of the coolest events anywhere; it takes only minutes to set up the outdoor laser tag field with our logoed bunkers and natural obstacles. Kids and adults of all ages divide into teams and battle for supremacy in the outdoor laser tag field in a variety of controlled games like capture the flag and base defender. The 21 guns offer simple operation with high tech sounds, lights and multiple game options using a one touch game controller complete with charging boxes.

Giant Hamster Balls

Kids and adults climb inside these giant inflatable balls and have an absolute blast as they roll around or run "like hamsters." With two Giant Hamster Balls, kids can have races around obstacle courses. Our Giant Hamster Balls are popular as drop-off rentals and terrific revenue generators as well.

U:bot - Where U Become the Robot

Jaws drop and eyes go wide whenever the U:bot (patent pending) invades a Games2U party. But the only screaming you’ll hear is from laughter and delight as kids control this giant, fully mobile robot from the inside! Kids (and small adults) climb inside this fully mobile 7-foot-tall machine and control its every action. Complete with blinking lights, fog machine, laser gun sounds, color monitor, and voice synthesizer, the U:bot will amaze, astound, and blow away everyone at your Games2U party!

Booger Wars

Let’s face facts: kids love things with a high “yuck” factor. Knowing this, the inventors at Games2U have dreamed up an incredibly fun game designed especially for them: Booger Wars (patent pending)! Booger Wars is played like dodge ball with one giant nose on each side of the field. Wearing velcro vests and protective eyewear, kids throw bean bag "boogers" at each other. If a booger sticks to you, you’re out. Last kid standing wins! It’s just silly fun.

Foam Machine

Games2U brings you unique, outdoor, fantastic fun with the completely mobile Foam Machine. The machine is plugged in, the foam pit is aired up, and the foam begins to grow to enormous size. Fun for all ages, the foam machine produces hypo-allergenic and biodegradable bubbles that leave you dry, non-sticky, and full of memories. Perfect for large groups, schools, camps and church events. This is another fantastic drop-off rental and revenue generator. Even works for indoor events!


The Games2U U:launcher is a multifunctional product and can be used to entertain a wide variety of customers at any event. Imagine 100's of water balloons flying through the air in an all out water balloon battle with people launching balloons at each other up to 90 yards away. It is also great for group activities. For example, co-workers getting to aim at their managers in a dunk booth style game play. These are just two possibilities with the new U:launcher. It is even versatile enough to use it in the winter time with snow balls!

U:launcher has the ability to entertain anywhere from 1 to an unlimited number of players rotating in and out. From ages 5-105, everyone will have a blast with the U:launcher. It can be used both indoors and outdoors with adequate space.

AV Cart

Our compact all-in-one AV Cart (patent pending) is one of the coolest new products to roll out of the Games2U Fun Factory this year! The unique design allows you to project any video game or movie on any flat surface or add a movie screen for superior quality. The AV cart can be used indoors or outdoors and is extremely flexible. Play games on the equivalent of a 25 foot screen, or show an outdoor movie poolside the possibilities are endless. This simple to operate machine comes features like a LED projector, build-in speakers and amplifier, easy-roll handle, and wheel brakes. The AV cart can be upgraded with features such as gaming consoles, network-ability and sound activated jewel lights. The Games2U AV Cart is a great product for events such as corporate team building, graduation parties, family functions and drop-off rentals.

Party Add-On Equipment


Around, around, and upside down you will go, in our Games2U Gyroscope. This is the type of machine used as a trainer for military pilots and astronauts. The Gyroscope has easy operations and provides a unique ride experience for one or two at a time, and makes a great add-on to any Games2U event.

Candy Cannon

The Games2U Candy Cannon brings mega fun to any event. Fill it with party favors or a t-shirt for the honoree to make your event a blast! It delivers a powerful "signature" at the end of any Games2U event.

Satellite TV

Add Satellite TV to you next event for the party of a lifetime! Whether for tailgating events, sports games, or added entertainment for the parents, Satellite TV is great for all ages and may be used in conjunction with the any one of our mobile theaters.

Photo Booth

Games2U Photo Booth Click to Zoom

Our Photo Booth can be built right into our customized vehicles, complete with fun house effects and the ability to instantly print our custom photo cards. Photo booth becomes a spectator event and adds to the overall event experience. And our souvenir photo cards make excellent party favors.