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7 Jobs That Pay You to Play All Day

June 6, 2010 by Kaitlin Madden, writer

You've probably worked hard to find a job you love. It may have taken you three different majors in college, a couple dozen career tests and a mid-life crisis, but you've landed in a job you enjoy. Chances are, though, if you were offered the chance to play all day -- and still get paid -- you'd be out the door of your office so fast that you wouldn't even notice if it hit you on the way out.  

Unfortunately, paid vacation time is about as close as most of us will come to getting paid to play ... unless of course, you work in one of these seven jobs, where work and play are one in the same.

5. Video game party host

Jim Sheehan goes by the title "executive director of fun and games," and says his job "is basically going from one party to another," which is indeed a very accurate job description.

Sheehan owns a Pennsylvania franchise of Games2u, a mobile-entertainment company that provides amusements like laser-tag, video games, human hamster balls and foam machines for parties and events. He literally brings the fun to parties.

Although its Sheehan's job to ensure that people have a blast at their events, he often finds himself having just as much fun as partygoers. "We were pulling away from a party we'd just finished and the kids were running down the sidewalk waving goodbye and yelling. They had a great time and I realized that I'd had just as much fun as the kids. Then it clicked -- the more fun we are having at an event the more fun the kids and parents have," Sheehan says.