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Austin Company Brings Video Game Theater to You

May 8, 2008 by Austin News KXAN

AUSTIN, Texas (KXAN) -- Most children love video games, and now an Austin company has come up with an idea to put a spark in birthday parties.

Austinite David Pikoff and his brother started Games2U in January.

"We did a lot of research, we toured around the country, we looked at a lot of different concepts in and around the kid's entertainment segment, and we kind of pulled together different parts and pieces, and this is the net result," said Pikoff.

What they put together is a mobile game theater that comes to residents.

"Inside the game theater, we've got four flat-screen TVs where 16 kids can play simultaneously, and then on the outside, we've got two more flat-screen TVs where we set up WII, and eight more kids can play out here," explained Pikoff.

There's also a laser tag set-up.

"We've got these big, inflatable bunkers that we put out in the yard, and kids can run around, and you get down, you crawl, you shoot one another, it's just a blast," said Pikoff.

"Especially with laser tag, parents wind up taking over the game and playing some themselves," said Joe Connors, a franchise owner.

In just five months since the launch, the concept is already being franchised. It's one of those simple but smart ideas that an Austin company is capitalizing on.

"Video games and kids; they just go together pretty perfectly," said Pikoff.

If you're interested in having Games2U for a birthday party or a bachelor party, the cost is $199 for one hour.