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Entrepreneur brings arcade to the kids

May 19, 2010 by Juliana Bunim, San Francisco Examiner

Picture of the side of a Games2U Party Van

Barbara Phlean started Games2U after trying to find the right party entertainment for her son.

Barbara Phelan, the owner of Games2U, drives a massive truck that's an arcade on wheels -- complete with plasma televisions, laser tag, and an inflatable hamster ball. Phelan drives through San Francisco and other Bay Area neighborhoods to throw children's "rock star" parties.

What inspired you to start Games2U?
Having tried every form of birthday entertainment with our own child for the past 10 years from bowling to laser tag, we found that whether it was poor staffing or equipment failure, we were never completely happy with the experience.

What is in the truck?
The inside of the Sprinter is equipped with three 42-inch flat-screen TVs with Xbox 360 elites, subwoofers and an amazing sound system. There's a fog machine, LED lighting and multicolored projector lighting. The van is also completely climate-controlled and self-powered by a quiet diesel generator. The outside of the sprinter is equipped with two 42-inch flat-screen TVs with Wii systems protected from both sun and rain by a large automatic awning.

How often do you do parties in San Francisco?
Approximately twice weekly.

Is it hard finding a parking space for the van in San Francisco?
Parking is normally not a problem. We only require approximately two parking spaces to accommodate our sprinter van.