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Games2U Brings the Fun Right 2U

March 10, 2011 by Catherine Goldhammer

Picture of Mark Milton and Hamster ball
Catherine Goldhammer

Handle with care – Games2U owner Mark Milton gave photographer Lucy Wightman a hand as she exited
the hamster ball, after losing a race to the genial businessman. Wightman was assigned to shoot the story,
not participate, but she couldn’t resist the fun.

Imagine a very large, brightly-colored van, outfitted with a 15-foot upholstered bench and three giant gaming stations for multi-player action. The van fits 12 to 16 and comes replete with a fog machine, colored spotlights, and music. In the mood for a little Guitar Hero and other Wii games? Those can be found in front of three giant screens on the outside of the van.

Laser tag? Got it. Booger Wars? That too. Now imagine a giant inflatable hamster ball, and you inside of it, racing someone else, in another hamster ball, down a 100-yard field, or across a backyard, or in a gym.

There’s more: a projector big enough to project whatever you want on the side of your house or your school, and the ability to grab any football, soccer, or hockey game from a satellite feed and put it on one of the HD TV screens. And coming soon, another van, outfitted with a 4D movie screen and padded roller coaster bars, with seats that move, blowing wind, and spraying water. Oh, and don’t forget the candy launcher that can throw candy the length of a soccer field.

The whole thing is kind of like Disney World, an arcade, and a high-tech private gaming station all rolled into one. And the best part is that it’s mobile. It comes to you. They call it “state of the art mobile entertainment” and it all comes in a great-looking van with a really nice guy to oversee the activities. That guy, Mark Milton, the clean-cut owner of the Hull-based Games2U franchise, is not what you might expect. He’s a 47-year-old local resident and a father of three, with an MBA from the University.

Games2U brings the fun right 2U of Texas. His background is in corporate real estate, and Hull’s own Sea Watch condominiums was one of his first real estate ventures. He and a partner purchased the property in 1993, renovated it, turned it into condos, and sold it in 1994.

Recognizing a potentially huge marketplace, he purchased the Games2U franchise for the greater Boston area last October. Of his three children, Milton says, “They love what
dad does right now.” Milton explains that Games2U was started in Austin, Texas in 2007 by two brothers, Stuart and David Pikoff, both of whom had successful business careers before deciding to start their company. Games2U now has over 79 franchises in 20 states. Inc. Magazine named it one of the top 10 franchises in the country. The company is constantly expanding its offerings and improving its product. In fact, on Friday, May 6, at 8 p.m., Games2U will appear on the season finale of the ABC show “Shark
Tank.” The popular show gives entrepreneurs the opportunity to present their businesses to a panel of investors who then decide whether or not to bankroll them.

In the meantime, upcoming events for Milton’s Games2U include a field day at Plymouth River Elementary School in Hingham, a bachelor party, and a fundraiser at Boston University. Birthday parties are booked into April. Milton says that the mobile entertainment center is perfect for after-prom “lockdowns” and other allnight events. He has recently set up demonstrations at the New England Home Show, and has done others at the Bridal Show, and the Tufts 10K Road Race. He envisions scenarios in which the Games2U entertainment vans are set up in front of car dealerships and retail stores to entertain customers and their children.

Parties and events can be customized. “It’s like a menu,” says Milton. Select your entertainment options and timeframe, choose your location, and voila. You’ve got yourself a party. Learn more about Games2U at or call Mark Milton at 781 773-1304.