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Games2U Revolutionizes Event Entertainment

September 27, 2010 by Michael Priceless


Games2U is a revolutionary new way to experience event entertainment. Games2U brings the action of gaming directly to your event.

We’re not talking about simple console gaming like Xboxes, Wii’s, and PS3′s. We’re talking about gaming like: video game theaters, high-tech outdoor laser tag, giant hamster balls, life-size, kid-driven U:bot robots, heart-thumping 4D ride experience, and much, much more.

Games2U is one of the most fastest growing franchises in America and for good reason… The idea just makes so much sense.

I had the opportunity to do an interview with Games2U to find our more about their incredible and relatively new business centered right here in Austin, that’s been up for only roughly 18 months, but has managed to sell 100 franchises.

This interview is incredible. Enjoy!

Q1: For those who are unfamiliar with what Games2U does, could you briefly explain?

Games2U has specialized vehicles that have climate controlled video game theaters on the inside, and series of unique fun things outside such as laser tag, giant inflatable hamster balls, a 7 foot tall robot that participates fully control, Booger wars (silly fun), huge foam machines, and other exciting stuff. We bring those things to home birthday parties, carnivals, schools, corporate events, summer camps or anywhere that people want to have a good time.

Q2: Games2U was started by two brothers: Stuart and David Pikoff after leaving their executive jobs. Did you fear failure before quitting your jobs? Did you have a back up plan?

No fear, just a burning passion to create the first nationally branded Mobile Entertainment Company of its kind!

Q3: Games2U has one of the most incredible growth success stories. How do you explain selling 100 franchises within 18 short months?

Two main reasons, we have found a void in this business segment that needed to be filled, coupled with the fact that Games2U strives to make all of our consumers raving fans, which creates a solid foundation to build a company on.

Q4: As an on-the-go gaming company, are the founders gamers themselves?

Our product line is very diversified well beyond just video games…….so, not big gamers, but we certainly love to entertain!

Q5: There are many great places to start and build a business, why did you choose Austin?

I went to high school and college here and never wanted to leave, and my brother (Stuart) moved here because he loves this town.

Q6: Games2U seems to really understand the new trend of entertainment combined with mobility for the event to come to the customer. Was the current on-the-go platform always the platform of the business or did you ever consider building free-standing gaming centers similar to arcades?

When we started this business we knew there were some things that we definately wanted, and some things that we definately did not want, retail locations were always on the NOT side of the page for us.

Q7: For people looking to get involved in your incredible business opportunity, how do they go about making the initial contact to Games2U?

Simply go to, click on the Franchise Info tab, send us a request and we will get right back with you.