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How to Throw a Birthday Party Like a Celebrity

November 13, 2010 by Games2U

Once per year, everyone gets that special day to celebrate self: the birthday. Unfortunately, the more birthdays you celebrate in your lifetime, the more mundane they can become – less effort put in each year. Not this year. The list below is a simple way to live it up like the rich and famous and throw a birthday party like a self-indulgent celebrity.


1: It’s All About the Guest List

Everyone knows; it’s not what you know but who you know. Of course your closest friends and family are always welcome at your party but you might try inviting some fresh folks with major street-cred. Sure, they aren’t your best friends – you might not even like them; however, if the cool kids are seen at your party, your stock goes up as a result.


2: Live Music Goes a Long Way

Because 99 out of 100 parties are serenaded by iPods or DJs spinning through playlists, you might want to consider a live band to raise the bar. There are millions of bands in this world so avoid the washed-up-wanna-bes and select a band that is a celebrity in their own right – something funky with a hot reputation for kickstarting parties.


3: Pour on the Entertainment

Every good party has good people, good music and good entertainment. That said, if your guest list and iPod have run their course, there are companies that will bring the party to your door in the form of mobile video game theaters, outdoor laser tag, 4D ride simulators and tons of other rockstar-status entertainment.


4: Always Hire Help

The key to throwing a birthday party like a celebrity is to never be caught doing the work yourself! Whenever possible, outsource the labor. Ask around about the hip new caterer in town and put them to work. In the end, your guests will assume it cost you an arm-and-a-leg to hire "The Help" and, let’s be honest, most likely enjoy the pro’s cooking more than your own.


5: Rent Out da Club

If your humble home isn’t enough space for the star-studded guest list, take your party to a club. Not just any club will do – we’re talking da club! Make sure you find the swankiest place around with the most clout, rent it out for the evening and host your soiree in true celebrity-like style.


6: Transportation of the Rich and Famous

Anyone can send out invites to their guests instructing them when and where to show up for the party but a true baller-status celebrity sends a limo service to escort their guests back and forth. Admittedly, this isn’t the cheapest route, but if you’re looking to party like a celebrity, you’ve got to spend like a celebrity.


7: Party Like You’re Above the Law

For whatever reason, a party can really jump up a notch when order is lost – people love getting down and dirty. That said, a foam machine is a great way to get your guests to loosen up, kick off their shoes, get soapy, get reckless and revert to childhood bliss. Because this is a new trend in the world of party hosting, if you weren’t a celebrity before, you’ll be one after.


8: Let the Paparazzi into Your Party

Whether they want to admit it or not, celebrities love getting their picture taken – any press is good press. If you’re looking to party like a celeb, bring a pro photo booth into your birthday bash and let your guests get their pictures taken until their heart’s content. Not only will they feel pretty glam in the process but they’ll be able to take the memories home with them forever.


9: Birthday Bash Gift Bags

Part of the allure of being a celebrity is the free schwag being handed over left and right via your local boutique or the gift bags from the latest award show or afterparty. Why not bring the bags to your party? Since your guests are showering you with gifts like you’re the star of the party, let them walk away feeling like a touted celebrity themselves.


10: Candle Fraud

As sad as it is, revealing your actual age in Hollywood can be detrimental to a career. That said, when it comes time to present the lighted birthday cake, commit candle fraud. Yep, blatantly lie about your age and insist that fewer candles be used in your honor. That’s how you throw a party like a celebrity!