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Hull man brings the GAMES 2 U

October 1, 2010 by Cathleen Jeffrey

Mark Milton with a Hamster Ball

Unlike many interviews where I have to slow down and look for the numbers of a house to find the location of a person I’m going to interview, I could spot the large GAMES2U Mercedes van and trailer, and the kids all laughing and playing games, from several yards away.

Having spent his entire career in commercial real estate, with the Seawatch project in Hull being one of his first real estate deals back in 1991, Mark Milton might not appear on the surface to seem the ideal candidate to be operating the first franchise of the Austin, Texas games company in the Greater Boston area.

However, Milton said he had been looking for another business opportunity, and he realized the marketing possibilites of this venture were endless.

While Milton’s own children were having a blast playing the arcade games inside and outside the van, some children enjoyed playing with the outdoor games Milton also provides, including Booger Wars, which Milton describes as a cross between Dodge Ball and Capture the Flag, as well as rolling around in the clear giant Hampster Balls, which many people saw featured during the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.

Another game GAMES2U provides is outdoor Laser Tag, Milton said.

On the large screens on the outside of the van, one of Milton’s daughters was accepting the challenge to play Guitar Hero, while on the screen beside her, two other people were competing in another game.

Stepping inside the dark van with three huge illuminated screens along one side and a padded bench on the other, Milton explains that it provides the opportunity for different teams to compete against each other on their own screens in the same game — or they can all choose to play different games.

The business is still new to Milton, who drove the van from the companies headquarters in Austin, Texas to Hull and arrived late night on Sept. 20.

Operating the only franchise of the company in the Greater Boston area right now, Milton said he sees the potential to bring lots of entertainment at events ranging from tailgating, to birthday parties, to weddings, to corporate events and beyond.

“Anything you can think of is probably something we can do,” Milton said, explaining there is a satellite on top of the van, and they can bring in any football game across the country onto the large screens, making it perfect for tailgating parties.

As for weddings, he sees it as the ideal solution to keep otherwise bored children entertained, while the parents can enjoy the reception in peace.

There are several residential and non-residential packages available, with the base residential package starting at $299 for Milton to bring the party somewhere for one hour.

The package can be customed for each client, Milton said

Milton said he originally lived in Hull, then moved to Hingham for 15 years, and now his family is back in Hull.

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