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Kids Birthday Party Idea: Hire a Mobile Game Center

August 11, 2009 by By Jenni Miller, AOL PlaySavvy

Forget trying to book a clown or a petting zoo, Austin-based company Games2U drives the party right to your front door.

Birthday parties are always a stressful situation, from booking entertainment to cleaning up after its over. David and Stuart Pikoff, brothers from Austin, TX, might have a solution to end the -- hire a Games2U Mobile Video Game Theater and let your kids play video games or laser tag in a wild new mobile way.

"The Games2U video game theater pulls up in front of your house or at your event ready for play. The air-conditioned trucks have leather seats, flat screen TVs, lights, fog, sound systems for a multimedia experience. Kids can play inside the theater or on the screens that fold out on the outside of the truck," David Pikoff says.

This mobile game center drives right up to your front door. Voila, instant party.

In addition to video games, Games2U also offers other experiential, futuristic party fun -- like life-size hamster balls, human gyros, laser tag, air cannons and more."

Games2U costs roughly the same as a Chuck E. Cheese party -- starting at $199, and each unit has room for 12 to 16 kids, depending on which vehicle you choose.

Games2U, available in select locations nationwide, offer a variety of games on the Wii, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3, and parents can limit which games are available based on ESRB ratings. Additionally, the units come with video coaches who are selected not only based on their knowledge of video games and technology but also how well they work with kids and parents.

Would you prefer a Games2U all-inclusive birthday party rather than an old-fashioned one?