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Know what your next party needs? A Booger War

July 6, 2010 by By Jennifer Iannone, correspondent, Suburban Journals

GAMES2U provides odd and unusual forms of fun for parties

Dan Mogus was looking for something unique to entertain his family and friends during his daughter's recent high school graduation party.

Minutes after GAMES2U pulled up at his home in Chesterfield, his guests became enthralled with the 4-D Movie Theater Ride Experience and giant human hamster balls.

Nearly all of Mogus' guests took a turn watching short, 3-D films that felt much more like a ride, with the seats moving and water spraying.

"We had little kids at age 4 and 5 all the way up to grandparents in their 70s enjoying the experience," Mogus said. "All of them really loved it."

They also enjoyed rolling around the yard in a gigantic blowup ball.

"It was a riot. You climb inside and you can run like a hamster in it," he said. "You can control which direction you go in, or the folks around you have a tendency to push you around a little bit and roll you down the hills."

Mogus heard about GAMES2U, a franchise brand new to St. Louis, through one of his daughters.

The St. Louis business has been open for less than two months and has already serviced nearly 50 parties.

Owner Doug Corbett was looking for a business that his whole family could enjoy. He came across GAMES2U, a company based out of Austin, Texas, that has more than 100 franchises nationwide.

Corbett, of Manchester, was previously a plant manager for a printing company, but he began having heart troubles and went on disability. When his daughter was having difficulty finding a job after graduating from college, he decided to change gears.

Now his daughter, Jessica; son, Tim; and wife, Cheryl, all work for GAMES2U. Even his 13-year-old daughter, Carrie, likes to tag along to the mobile parties.

"We bring state-of-the art games to different places," Corbett said. "We can bring it to somebody's home, park, school or church. What we have is a 20-foot trailer that we pull. Inside of the trailer, we have a 4-D Theater Ride."

GAMES2U also has a host of other games to choose from: a foam party, Booger Wars, Toss-N-Fly, a U-Bot and the Candy Cannon. Parties begin at $199 an hour for two games or events. More games can be added for $50 an hour.

"I absolutely recommend it," Mogus said. "We had a lot of neighbors riding by and slowing down and thinking, 'What is that thing?' It's really cool. It's unique. It stands out. It's a lot of fun. It's suitable for all ages."

Games and events from GAMES2U:

4-D Movie Theater Ride Experience: People climb inside a mobile van and sit down, put on 3-D glasses, and enjoy the movie and ride.

Giant Human Hamster Ball: A gigantic blow-up ball where a person climbs inside and runs around like a hamster.

Foam Party: A 16-foot blow-up swimming pool filled with foam, where guests can splash around or play games.

Booger Wars: A game where two teams of 10 people reach up giant noses and pull out green Velcro "boogers" that attach to vests when thrown. Once you've been hit, just like in dodgeball, you're out. The last person standing wins for his or her team.

Toss-N-Fly: A two-team event where every time a target is hit, the person suited up and standing on a mobile platform is lifted higher and higher in the air, until a winner is determined by an alarm sounding.

U-Bot: A 7-foot robot driven around with a joystick by a person inside.

Candy Cannon: A cannon that launches candy into the air for guests to collect.