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Looking For A Creative Party Theme For Your Kids? (or For You!)

April 5, 2010 by Kaci Aitchison Web Reporter, Q13 Fox News, Seattle/Tacoma

Games2U provides unique interactive gaming experiences... Right at your doorstep! Or backyard! Or... wherever, since it's games to YOU!

SEATTLE - The next time you're planning a party for the kids, or looking for a unique experience during that tailgating party you're planning, you may want to check in to Games2U. The mobile, state-of-the-art gaming theaters provide a backdrop for some of the hottest video games (Guitar Hero, Madden Football, Halo, Wii Sports and more), both inside AND outside the trailer itself.

In addition to video game parties, Games2U offers outdoor laser tag, a giant hamster ball and more. They're able to cater what they make available to play at each party depending on what you deem to be age-appropriate.

Lance Salisbury and Bob Washburn have launched the first Games2U in the Pacific Northwest, and stopped by our studios to show it off. Check back soon for the video link to see what it looks like! In the meantime, click on the link for more info.