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So what’s the cost of hoops to your business?

March 11, 2010 by Triangle Business Journal - by Dale Gibson

A Chick-fil-A operator partnered with Games2U to celebrate his location's five-year anniversary.

Raleigh businessman Jeff Oehler and family has the arcade coming to you.

Time was when a pocket full of quarters and a trip to the arcade would be an afternoon of recreational diversion.

Raleigh businessman Jeff Oehler has the arcade coming to you. Games2U is a mobile video game van that brings the arcade experience to parties and events. The van is decked out with flat screen TVs, satellite dishes and a sound system.

Most of the events the van visits are kids birthday parties. But later this month, Games2U will cater to a slightly older demographic. The van will stop at North Carolina State University on March 28 for a Laser Tag competition.