Inflatables & Jumpers

Castle Jumper

Our Castle Jumper is an extraordinary way to give your party or event the royal treatment. At over 14 feet tall and 13 feet wide it allows play for up to 8 children or 4 adults at a time. Each Jumper is custom-built from the highest quality material, and ready to be delivered to the location of your choice. They’re guaranteed to keep kids and adults entertained for hours on end! Book your event today!

Bungee Joust

Highly interactive & highly competitive, the Bungee Joust is double the fun! There’s never a dull moment when friends and family battle away on this 2-lane bungee run or jousting arena. Opponents challenge each other to see who can balance the longest or run the farthest. At over 32 feet long and 17 feet wide, the there's plenty of room to nudge, poke, and race - guaranteed to provide hours of challenging fun and makes a perfect addition to any event, big or small!! Book your event today!

Dual Lane Slide

Dual lanes equals double the excitement! This two-lane slide allows participants endless hours of entertainment climbing to the top and rocketing down 16 feet of fun. Attach the end pool for a wet & wild fun time or pair it with the Inflatable Obstacle Course for an even longer, thrilling race! At 43 feet long and 16 feet high this large, colorful inflatable slide is guaranteed to draw attention to your event. Book your event today!

Inflatable Obstacle Course

The Inflatable Obstacle Course is guaranteed fast-paced, interactive, FUN. With dual entrances & exits, 2 guests can challenge each other as they make their way through a maze of pop-up dummies, hills & hurdles until they can dive to the finish! The Inflatable Obstacle Course can be easily paired with the Dual Lane Slide for an even longer & more thrilling race that will leave them enjoying their victory as they slide to the finish line. At 38’ long and over 9’ wide this great eye-catching play-structure is perfect for events of any size — from backyard parties to carnivals and more! Book your event today!