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Local entrepreneur's Games2U expands nationwide

March 28, 2009 by By Lynette Haaland, Four Points News

A Steiner Ranch entrepreneur expands his mobile video game theater company nationwide and wants to tap the international market later this year.

The Games2U concept brings Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii and Sony PlayStation 3 video games to a given destination. Customized vehicles and trailers feature multiple flat-screen TVs where up to 24 people can play games simultaneously both inside and out.

The concept has been catching on across the country.

After less than one year of franchising, Games2U has sold 32 franchises, with 16 units in operation across the country. It has locations in 12 states with six more states set to open this year, said David Pikoff, who lives in Steiner and co-founded Games2U with his brother just over a year ago.

Mobile video game company provides birthday party alternatives

March 27, 2009 by By Chris Roark - Flower Mound Leader

The brainchild of David and Stuart Pikoff of Austin, Games2U has given families across the country another option for children’s birthday parties. The concept features a traveling vehicle equipped with video game systems and/or Laser Tag, depending on the package ordered, as well as additional activities.

...While David Pikoff said the idea is perfect for children’s birthday parties, he said Games2U has also been used for church events, companies’ team-building exercises and carnivals.

David Pikoff said Games2U operates in 15 states and that there are expected to be 100 franchise owners by next month.

...Torres said he has been able to turn a profit with the business adventure and said he hopes to increase his vehicle fleet to six with a staff of 20 members in the future.

How a retired nurse is 'Surviving The Squeeze'

March 26, 2009 by Reported by: Jesse Chavez - WPTV

JUPITER, FL -- A treasure coast nurse is now out of retirement, back to work, trying to survive the squeeze.

But instead of returning to helping patients, she's reinventing the game.
"Is anybody else going to play?" asked Paige Graves, as she prepared kids to play laser tag and video games.
Graves did not think she'd be coming out of retirement from nursing.
But times are tough, so a unique new entertainment business is an investment towards financial security for her family.

Games2U: Video Gamer Brings Party to Kids

March 20, 2009 by By Mario Zavala - The Grapevine Courier

Have you ever wondered what you should do for your child’s birthday party?

Brett Grizzle might have your answer.
Grizzle operates Games2U, a traveling entertainment company that specializes in video gaming. And he apparently has a hit on his hands.
"It’s been crazy," said Grizzle. "When people realize what we do, they go nuts!"

FOX 26 Houston Interviews Games2U Owner, David Pikoff

March 17, 2009 by FOX 26 Houston

FOX 26 in Houston interviews Games2U Owner, David Pikoff.

New Port Richey man plays road games

March 14, 2009 by By Klint Lowry - The Suncoast News

Andy Allshouse's work is all play. Like a lot of people, Allshouse dreamed of going into business for himself.

A couple of months ago, he took the plunge when he found just the franchise he was looking for, one that would allow him to be his own boss and have a good time doing it while making a living, to boot.

In the past few months, residents of West Pasco and North Pinellas may have noticed his business. Even though it's always on the move, it's hard to miss.

Allshouse operates the area's first Games2U franchise. Founded by brothers Stuart and David Pikoff, Austin, Texas-based Games2U brings electronic gaming to any party or event.

"It caught my attention as something unique," Allshouse, a sales and marketing veteran, said of Games2U.

Ready, Aim, Hire

March 12, 2009 by By Jim Shelton, New Haven Register Staff Writer

You can’t miss him out on the road.   He’s the guy tooling around in the $110,000 van outfitted with five, 50-inch TVs — three on the inside and two on the outside.   Also, the van’s paint job is a collage of Mario, Slash, NFL players and various characters from other popular video games.

Games2U pulls up to a client’s home or business and hosts birthday parties, store openings and civic events with a complete array of the latest games.   The company also offers to set up a temporary outdoor laser tag course.

But warmer times are coming.   Mehmet says he’s got events scheduled with municipal recreation groups in Branford and Guilford, as well as other gigs around the region.   “Later today, I’m going out to Staten Island, and there’s another job we’re doing in Enfield,” he says.   “I’ll be playing A LOT of video games.”

Have arcade, will travel

March 5, 2009 by By Adolfo Pesquera - San Antonio Express-News

Eddie Vargas planned a surprise birthday party for his son — a party like none his son had ever known.

Vargas, a dairy truck driver, had splurged on his son before. But this year, he told his son they were going to stay at home and keep the festivities simple.

Unbeknownst to a disappointed Gage Vargas, now 10, his dad had reserved a visit from Games2U, a traveling video game and laser tag arcade.

Houston Gets It’s Own Mobile Video Game Theater

February 26, 2009 by

The Games2U Mobile Game Theater is an alternative for birthday parties as well as corporate and community events. The Mobile Game Theater features a state-of-the-art sound system and laser light show, allowing up to 20 players to play simultaneously.  Games2U also brings outdoor laser tag right to your door and can be played during the day or night.

“Games 2 U will bring smiles to kids of all ages and parents will love the idea that we bring the party to your doorstep” says Eric Levis, owner of the G2U franchise in the Houston area. “Not only do we offer a new and exciting way to have a birthday party for the kids, church groups, schools, and corporate companies, are booking us like crazy, too”, Levis said.

Good Morning Texas (WFAA Dallas) Interview

February 18, 2009 by WFAA-8 Dallas

WFAA recently interviewed Games2U's Jose Torres and Heather Lewis for a live spot on Good Morning Texas.  The interview describes how cool the Games2U experience is.