Catapult soft projectiles and water balloons up to 100 yards with the incredible U:launcher!

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Starting Price

as low as $99 per hour

Recommended Age Range

6 & Older

Number of Participants

4+ players at a time!


This sleek aluminum launcher is designed to blast water balloons, bean bags or just about anything up to 90 yards. Create distance competitions or pit two U:launchers against each other and have a battle. Our exclusive filling station makes creating, loading and launching water balloons easy, fast and part of the fun! Perfectly sized for both kids and adults and great for team building.

U:launchers are just one of the exhilarating activities available when you book your event with Games2U. Since 2007 we’ve entertained millions of kids, teenagers and grownups all over the world and created memories that will last a lifetime. Book your event today and find out why Games2U is America's most popular and most trusted provider of mobile entertainment!

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